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 We at “Your Father’s War” salute all the men and women who served our nation in the military.  We are dedicated to finding and preserving their history to inspire future generations.


  • Research Services for your family member’s military service. Your ancestor’s story needs to be told.  If they served in the military, then their sacrifices should not be forgotten.  We have the expertise to dig deep into our nations archives and find out the details that reveal what his/her life was like, the historical events they were a part of and details about what they did.  Let us recreate the story of their lives for generations to come.  We have access to databases, military records and historical photographs.  We may be able to conduct interviews with people that were with them in the military.  Also, if you choose, we can create a narrated video of your hero’s life story for you to share.  See our postings for samples of our work.


  • Expansion of Family Trees

As Professional Genealogists we can locate and piece together a larger family tree then you ever knew you had.  Discover relatives and find out their nationalities, where they lived and what they did.  Who knows, maybe you have someone famous in your tree.  Knowing all the surnames that are connected with your family will be a real eye opener.  A fascinating and attractive Family Tree Album will be available for you which will be a pleasure to share with your family members and others.


  • Genealogical Research for Applications to Lineage Societies

If you qualify, you may be able to join one of the may Lineage Societies that exist.  There are Societies that exist for just about every historical event, group of people or historical context you can think of.  From Royalty to Pilgrims to the Son’s of the American Revolution, you can be a member of a group that uniquely defines your family lineage.  Use the link below to browse a listing of just some of these groups.


  • Specialist in Military Records Discovery

We represent a unique group of military historians and Genealogical Researchers that will bring together your ancestors details and military history and present these to you in an easy to read Personal and Illustrated History.  We bring an in-depth love of history with a keen investigators eye to create a unique story that will entertain and inform anyone who sees it.


  • Antique Photo Restoration

Do you know what your great grandfather looked like ?  Many photos exist in archives or online.  Photos of your ancestors are just waiting to be discovered.  We may find some for you.  If you have antique photos of your own that are damaged or faded, we can make these look like new.  We can even add color.


  • Family Photos and Historical Document Scanning

We will scan your family photos and arrange them into an album which you can share online and preserve for future generations.   Rest assured we will handle these precious items as we would our own.  We are experts in antique preservation and conservation.  We can also photograph and catalog your family heirlooms.

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